Wormparty – without getting caught by the chicken

The worms are throwing a party in the worm garden!

Chicken Charly does not waste a second and dashes away in his best chicken gallop. “What a bad joke if I wouldn’t catch a delicious worm now!” he cackles excitedly. But the worms have different plans: They hole up quickly in their mounds, hoping that Charly will not spot them.

In this game, the fingers of the players hide as worms below the mounds!

An exciting game of hide-and-seek with an astonishing 3D-set-up by the acclaimed game designers Inka and Markus Brand!

sequence of play

Gamematerial and setup

Game informations

Inka & Markus Brand


2 – 4

5 +

20 minutes

deutsch english

Deutsch English


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