Interview with the designers of Armageddon

The designers Chris Marling und David Thompson during Spiel ’16 convention in Essen, Germany.

Chris Marling (l) & David Thompson (r) - Spiel '16 - Essen

Chris Marling (l) & David Thompson (r) – Spiel ’16 – Essen

How did you find your way to Queen Games?

Chris: I love Alhambra and Kingdom Builder especially and it has been great to see those games, and others, be well supported after release. So many publishers simply move on to the next game.

David: Chicago Express was one of the first board games I played. Since that time many of Queen’s other games have risen to the ranks of my favorites, especially Escape: Curse of the Temple and Shogun.

What was the origin of Armageddon?

Chris: Before Queen saw the game, we’d worked on it as our main project for around 18 months. I wanted to make a post-apocalypse game about real people struggling to survive – the ones who get picked on in Mad Max films! From there we worked up into mechanisms from the theme. Bidding and worker placement seemed to fit this struggle perfectly.

David: Armageddon was Chris’ idea, but he was kind enough to invite me along at the beginning of the game’s creation. I’m a theme-first designer, so when Chris mentioned the idea of the game’s core concept – rebuilding a town from the ground up – I was very excited about matching that idea to an interesting combination of mechanisms.


How did the Game develop since then?

Chris: After Queen took the game, they streamlined several mechanisms to make it a smoother experience. We’re really happy with how it turned out, as I think it now has the potential to reach a bigger audience – without losing that real feel of tension throughout.

David: Queen did a great job on development for the game. They took our design to the next level with some tweaks that improved the overall gameplay experience and combined that with incredible art and graphic design.

What was your reaction to the game’s release at Spiel?

Chris: Honestly, I was pretty terrified. Queen has gone a little out of its comfort zone with the theme and weight of the game, which is a brave move. But it’s a big responsibility for our little game too!

David: It was an incredible experience. Armageddon was my first published design, and wow – I couldn’t have imagined anything better than the presentation that Queen put together.

What was your first impression when you saw the box?

Chris: The weight! We were told they really couldn’t fit any more in the box, and that is certainly true. And the artwork! Just, wow.

David: The art! Markus Erdt – the artist – did a great job making the game come to life. Throughout the convention one thing we heard over and over was how much everyone loved the art.

We hope Queen Games fans enjoy Armageddon. We tried really hard to make the theme shine through, along with euro mechanics, and the gorgeous production really helps that.

About the designers

Chris Marling

Born: June 1970, London, UK
Lives: near Cambridge, UK
Work: Senior Editor at Genie Ventures
Twitter: @goplaylisten

David Thompson
David Thompson

Born: January 1979, Savannah, Georgia, USA
Lives: near Cambridge, UK
Work: US Department of Defense

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