Gluex – light your way


Glüx Box 3D Gluex – a smart family game for 2 to 4 players

You try to place your light chips inside the rooms on the board to illuminate as many of them as possible. The game’s ingenious laying mechanism allows many tactical options to give your opponent a hard time. Choose the “right“ side of the light chips and find the best ways to illuminate the rooms and you will win.

sequence of play

  • Quick to explain, easy to learn, exciting to play
  • 2 game phases: 1st phase: placing the light chips, 2nd phase: drawing the lightchips
  • Playing Glüx, the players place their light chips on the game board, taking their turns in clockwise direction. The board shows paths and rooms.
  • The players aim is to place their light chips inside the rooms on the gameboard. At the end of the game, all rooms will be evaluated, and victory points are awarded to the players owning the highest total of pips in each room.


Gamematerial and setup

  • 1 doubled-sided game board
  • 96 light chips, 4 start- and counting markers each
  • 4 cloth bags

Game informations

Jakob Andrusch

2 – 4

8 +

30 minutes

deutsch english

deutsch english français


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