Armageddon – from the ground up


armageddon_usde-3d In a harsh post-apocalyptic world right after the armageddon – can you rebuild society?

Players build their own new towns out of the debris for their survivors to live in. But not everyone out there is friendly: marauders would rather pillage your town and see it burn. So scavenge what you can, build new structures, and defend against the marauder threat. Finding more survivors to come to your town will mean getting more done, but be careful – you must be able to house them all, or they may turn against you and join the marauders!

Armageddon is a complex game with very nice material and coherent graphics, that is challenging right from the beginning.
Andreas S. (46), games explainer

sequence of play

  • Exciting strategy game with many tactical choices
  • Various strategies to claim victory


Gamematerial and setup

Game informations

Chris Marling twitter_icon, David Thompson twitter_icon

Markus Erdt

3 – 4

14 +

90 minutes

deutsch english

deutsch english


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